Face Blindness Test

Friday, March 23, 2012

Face Blindness or Prosopagnosia Symptom is a disease where a person can not recognize faces of people who are surrounding him or her, his or hers own closest people and even his or hers face. That's because the nerves in the brain that allows you to save memory the faces of people disturbed by the collision and the like.

According to Wiki, this Face Blindness is usually caused by acute brain damage, although recent evidence also showed the possibility of the influence of genetic factors. Part of the brain in relation to Prosopagnosia is Fusiform Gyrus.

About the Face Blindness Test or even called Face Recognition Test, not many therapies being developed for this disorder, although some people try to cope with the introduction of the strategy of some facial features and recognition one by one. In such a strategy also included the introduction of secondary characteristics such as clothing, hair color, body shape, and sound. Because the face serves as an important characteristic for identification in the memory, the patient also will have difficulty socializing with others.