Escobar Eye Black Controversy

Posted by | 10:07 AM
Escobar Eye Black . MLB players from Cuba named Yunel Escobar re-create a little controversy invites debate in baseball. By writing in his t...

Legionnaires Disease Water Temperature

Posted by | 10:23 AM
Legionnaires disease is very similar to the deadly disease pneumonia, but is caused by different bacteria, newly identified in 1977. Legion...

Guillain Barre Syndrome

Posted by | 9:12 AM
GBS ( Guillain Barre Syndrome ) is a heterogeneous group of immune-mediated process, a rare disorder, wherein the immune system attacks the ...

Vitamin C Brain Function

Posted by | 9:44 PM
Vitamin C is vitamins for the brain, it turns out that the brain can function properly. This hypothesis comes after the recent discovery th...

Vitamin C Lower Blood Pressure

Posted by | 9:34 PM
Vitamin C can Lower Blood Pressure . A study examining vitamin C at a dose of 500 mg and its relationship with blood pressure at 1,400 adult...

Chicken Pox Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Posted by | 8:29 AM
Chicken Pox (Varicella, Chickenpox) is a contagious viral infection that often arise and cause a skin rash in the form of a set of small sp...

Dyslexia Causes, Signs and Treatments

Posted by | 8:14 AM
Dyslexia is a condition / disorder in offspring gained a cause difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling a person's native languag...
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