Raspberry Ketone Benefits

Friday, March 2, 2012

Raspberry is a delicious fruit cultivated in all temperate regions of the world. Raspberry plants belonging to the genus Rubus.

There are eight different species of raspberries in the world, although the most popular consists of red raspberry cultivars, derived from hybrids between R. idaeus and R. strigosus, golden raspberries, yellow raspberries, raspberry orange 'albino-like' variant of the Pale-fruit's growing commercial species of red raspberry and black raspberry.

The little raspberry seem harmless, has a high level of nutritional value in itself, so that the health and nutritional benefits to those who eat it a lot.

Raspberry fruit is an important agricultural commodities used in the manufacture of a variety of processed foods such as dried fruits, jams, and juices, or eaten as fresh fruit.

So, lately we hear about Raspberry Ketone, what is it? according to the Wikipedia, Raspberry Ketone is
a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. It is used in perfumery, in cosmetics, and as a food additive to impart a fruity odor.

But according to Doctor Oz, Raspberry Ketone benefit can decrease your fat in your body. Yes, it can burn your fat effectively. So, it is up to you to get loss weight naturally or by consuming Raspberry Ketone supplements.