3 Steps To Stick False Eyelashes Properly

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eyes are considered the main features of the most striking of the face of each person. Eyes is a mirror of the heart and greatly affect the beauty. With natural makeup, the beauty of your eyes will be radiated.

Many ways to make your eyes look beautiful, one of them by putting false eyelashes, however, many have issues with eyelashes false eyelashes are not as durable and looks messy. This occurs because the installation lashes less precise.

As the following 3 Steps To Stick False Eyelashes Properly:

  1. Clean your lashes first before applying false eyelashes. It's easy, wet the cotton with water and rub gently on your lashes. Use makeup as usual, make sure your eyeliner thicker. This serves to hide your false lash line. Be careful when you take your lashes from the box, it avoids tearing and damage to the eyelashes. You can cut eyelashes the size you want.
  2. Attach your false eyelashes carefully. Previously spread with eyelash glue enough on the line of false eyelashes. Ensure that your eyelashes glue is not excessive. Excessive eye glue will make you more trouble installing eyelashes. Press the right soft eyelashes on the eye line. It will keep for longer eyelashes glue on your eyes. Never rubbed his eyes roughly.
  3. Wait a few seconds to convince your lashes dry. Once your lashes really glue and dry, perfect false eyelashes with eyelash curler. Use mascara to beautify your eyelashes. See the results, and you need not fear your eyelashes apart suddenly.
The proper way will keep your lashes stick more limping. Look for a woman is important. If you want pretty, you definitely want to look beautiful naturally. So, you must be careful with your style you want to display. However, beauty is not just visible from the face. But emanated from a pure heart. Hopefully these steps can make you more confident in every appearance.