Causes of Eczema in Children

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eczema in Children is a skin disorder that most often affects infants and toddlers. What and how to prevent causes of eczema in children?

Skin of children, infants and toddlers also need treatment to avoid skin disorders. Babies skin are still thin layers and inter-cell bond is still weak, more susceptible to irritation and infection. Skin disorders are often plagued infants and toddlers are usually eczema.

Eczema or dermatitis means inflammation of the skin layer. Both the epidermis and dermis layers. As is known, consists of three layers of leather, hides layer (epidermis), dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. Epidermis as the topmost layer is formed at 5-6 weeks of gestation.

The dermis layer consists of fibers such as collagen and elastin support, nerves and blood vessels. There are also apocrine and sweat. While the innermost layer, the layer consists of subcutaneous fat tissue.

Signs of eczema, among others, skin redness, dry skin, wet, or thick and scaly. Depending on the cause, whether long or repetitive. New eczema usually more color red, slightly moist, accompanied by swelling. While on a chronic or long, thicker, scaly, dry, and somewhat blackish color. There are some eczema that often affects children, infants and toddlers, that is, diapers and milk eczema (atopic demartitis).

A. Diaper Eczema
Use of diapers in infants and toddlers is the most practical, effective, and hygienic to hold stool and urine your child so as not to spread during bowel movements. Unfortunately, the skin of infants and toddlers are not ready for prolonged contact with urine and feces because it is still thin. Clammy skin (diaper cover skin) also tend to be more susceptible to friction so easily irritated, in addition to facilitate the growth of bacteria and fungi. Selection of a good diaper and how to use and care of skin in the diaper area to be conducted.

Diaper dermatitis eczema is contained in the diaper-covered area. Usually around the genitals, buttocks, groin and lower abdomen. This disease often affects infants and young children in diapers. At most, children ages 9 to 12 months. Symptoms are redness of the skin. When it lasts a long time, arise red rash, blisters, scaly, moist and swollen, can be invaded by fungi, especially Candida albicans species.

Diaper eczema occurs due to incorrect use of diapers. So, do not blame her diaper. The baseball properly, how to wear it. What if your child already got eczema diaper? If it is mild, wash with warm water, changing diapers every small and large bowel, and then apply a special cream as a protector. With regular treatment will usually be lost.

Beware if the diaper does not heal eczema in three days with symptoms of red skin with freckles. That had been infected with the fungus. Immediately take to a doctor. Faster, better to prevent a child is fussy because the skin is itchy and sore. To avoid diaper eczema can also train the child to urinate and a large bathroom.

B. Milk Eczema
Milk eczema (atopic dermatitis) is usually inherited. Ordinary people think eczema is due to the baby's cheek exposed to splashes of milk during breastfeeding, but it's not. The cause is heredity supported precipitating factors such as food (milk, eggs, and meat), house dust inhalation and exposure to furry objects and his own sweat.

Usually there is a rash on the cheek with the symptoms of skin color looks reddish and itchy. Prevent your child scratching the rash as this can cause irritation that causes small bubbles of clear liquid. This liquid if broken would be wet, watery, and bloody. After drying will be black, then the skin becomes scaly and dry.

Eczema because of environmental trigger factors are allergens that can cause allergic reactions in the body, so the skin becomes itchy and eczema arise.

Other factors that facilitate the occurrence of eczema is the nature of the skin, the skin dry. Use of soap and a high alkali content, too often in air-conditioned room with temperature below 18 Celsius, wear clothes of wool, could trigger a recurrence of eczema. Although the cause is genetic (hereditary), as long as there is no factor of the originators, eczema, this will not arise. So, if symptoms are still a little itchy or red, better remembered what he had eaten and worn, and not to avoid a prolonged fast.

To prevent the recurrence of eczema milk, you should keep the cleanliness of the environment around the child. Keep your baby's room clean of dust by washing the curtains once a week, avoid putting a lot of stuff in the room, avoid clothes, toys and thick carpets and hairy things that easily accommodate dust. We recommend using a mattress, cushion, seat cushion of foam.

To treat, given anti-inflammatory creams, anti-allergy and itching. Use as directed and your doctor's instructions. If not go away, consult a doctor immediately, do not take action themselves to the use of creams do not fit the rules to drink or use drugs, for example. It could appear side-effects such as skin damage. The principal noticed the baby's skin clean and the children. It is easy to do but often forgotten elderly.
Avoid Hard Soap
Take your baby toddler and children skin care. What should be done?
  1. Clean the skin of dirt on the skin such as food waste, urine and feces with water. Bath twice a day will also help cleanse the skin. If the child's activities and movements are very high, bathing can be done up to 3 times a day.
  2. Consider cleansing the skin. Avoid soaps that are too loud. Choose a special soap for babies and toddlers that have a pH of 4.5 5 and a bit greasy to avoid irritation. Use a moisturizing lotion and also a special cream babies and toddlers. Its function is to maintain or increase the water content in the skin, especially in the outer portion of the epidermis (epidermis). Provide after bathing.
  3. Prevent infants exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun or use sun protection. "At 8:00 into the above, the ultraviolet intensity is very high. So, hang the baby should be before it and should still use a cream or lotion sunscreens specifically infants and toddlers,".
No less important, before buying skin care products for babies and toddlers, thorough product information. "Examine the contents, purpose, means the use, production date, expiration date and consent of the POM in order to avoid triggering factors or triggers of onset of disease,".
Preventing Diaper Eczema
  • Cloth diapers should be immediately replaced if it is wet, whereas disposable diapers should be changed immediately if the urine or feces is absorbed already exceed capacity.

  • For prevention, keep cleaning the skin area covered by the diaper. After urination and a large, clean the skin gently with warm water, then rinse clean.

  • Use a special soap after defecation, then dry with a towel or soft cloth, and wait 2 minutes before wear a new diaper. This will prevent the skin is damp.

  • After that, it can be affixed powder that serves as a lubricant and moisture absorbent in order to reduce friction between the skin of the diaper. "But it must be used in a clean and dry skin condition.
Not in damp because it can lead to fungi and bacteria. Also do not overdo it because it can be inhaled and interfere with breathing.
Problems in prickly heat
Prickly heat is blocked sweat arising from cell lines that have been changed. As a result, the itch is triggered. Here for your child to avoid prickly heat:
  • Infants and children are encouraged to bathe regularly, at least twice a day using cold water and soap. Bathing regularly is one way that can sweat out well and smoothly.
  • If your infant and toddler and often spend a lot of sweat, wash with a soft towel or cloth. After that, sprinkle with powder, but not at the time of the skin in damp conditions.

  • Use clothing that absorbs sweat, such as those made of cotton. If his clothes were wet with sweat, quickly replace it with a dry. Should take a few pieces of clothes if you're traveling to facilitate change clothes.
Causes of Eczema in Children can be anticipated properly as suggestions above, you can see also causes of eczema on hand in previous post.