Causes of Eczema on Hands

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eczema is a skin local disorders of the skin associated with the body's reaction to some external factors. The cause of eczema on hands has not yet to be detected with certainty, but it is suspected eczema on hands and skin reactions is associated with a person's immunity. Plural types of the disease found in Indonesia, in infants, sometimes called milk rash and diaper rash. Babies are susceptible to this disease, because they have skin that is still weak.

Eczema Indications
Actually have some type of eczema disease with symptoms that are characteristic of each type, but in general the early symptoms of eczema have skin flushing, itching, dry skin, then often there is a fluid-filled blisters.

While the chronic skin condition of eczema marked by swelling, the hand skin becomes hard, thick and crusty and pigmentation occur. This indicates if the disease eczema has grown up in the skin tissue or dermis.

People Who are at Risk of Hand Skin Eczema
Eczema can affect anyone. Eczema is not affected by age, gender or skin type. But in certain circumstances, some people have a greater chance of suffering from eczema for example, has a history of asthma, allergies and the offspring of parents suffering from eczema skin.

How can Eczema Spreads?
Eczema is not contagious skin disease. But if there is a skin of eczema sufferers in the family then most likely there will be other family members suffer as well, is due to hereditary factors alone.

How to cure Eczema on Hands?
Because eczema on Hands is generally localized, then the preferred treatment in areas that suffer from eczema is to relieve itchy skin to avoid the possibility of infection due to scratching nails and moisturize the skin to cope with drying and thickening of the skin. Skin moisturizing cream or lotion is recommended for frequently applied to the skin of patients, or with a cold for the baby.

Then it is recommended also for patients to avoid factors that can aggravate eczema, among others, stay away from things that cause allergic reactions and irritants such as detergents and fur garments. But if the eczema skin condition that led to chronic eczema is commonly administered drugs that are ointments containing kortisteroid. While if it appears necessary as an infection, then use the antibiotic bactery killer.

So, we must keep our hands clean before doing anything to avoid the causes of Eczema on Hands, see also related topic in Causes of Eczema in Children.