Bicycle Day Albert Hoffman

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exact date of April 19 yesterday was the celebration of the World's Bicycle Day, where the inventor of LSD Albert Hoffman first time ingesting 250 ug of LSD to test the results of trials. And as a tribute, the day that Albert Hoffman bicycling from the lab to the home known as the Bicycle Day Albert Hoffman.

Actual benefits of Bicycling are really important for our body which are:

1. Body burns calories

Had already been discussed above, the cycling will help the body burn calories. Approximately how many calories burned? For example, a woman with a body weight of 19-22 cycled 50.39 miles in an hour. So in one hour she has burned 488 calories her body. It's not all people have the same number of calories burning, all depending on the weight and excess body fat they have. However, the average cycling for 60 minutes every day will help burn approximately 300-500 calories.

2. Train all the muscles of the body

Not only the leg muscles, arms and stomach, but the entire upper body muscles were also trained. In fact, according to Erik Moen, a physical therapist is often dealing with athletes, said that the heart is also practicing with this bike. When racing on a bicycle, racing heart rate according to age and co-stroke, as reported by Womenshealth.

However, it should be observed, for those of you who have asthma or heart disease, always consult your physician before racing on the bike. Each body has different abilities according to his condition.

3. For relaxation of body

Many think with practice and exercise the body will be limp and helpless. This assumption is not entirely true, because by exercising regularly, your body would be fresh and fit. Moreover, blood circulation will be much more smoothly, so that oxygen can be channeled to all parts of the body effectively.

Experienced a sense of weakness that appear only on the first few days, but if you are already routinely do so, then the muscles will be stronger, and fitter body.

That was the Bicycle Day Celebration in this month (April) and the benefits in bicycling every day. Good news, bicycle day have been filmed. You can see the trailer of Bicycle Day below: