Scar Removal Review | Treatments

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scar removal review and treatments. Many people feel uncomfortable if they have scars in open areas, such as face, legs and hands. Although the causes of these injuries we never wanted, but it still happens in minor or serious accident may befall you, and cause scars after the wound is healed. There are many ways to remove the scar you can see in modern medical treatments or traditional treatments. So, in this post I will share on how to remove the scar which is safe to use and not expensive. There are two ways in removing the scar, by using chemical medicine and traditional medicines.

Medical Treatments

1. Bioplacenton
You can remove scars with the by using Bioplacenton ointments. Bioplacenton is an efficacious ointment to heal wounds and eliminate injuries. Bioplacenton is very suitable for the treatment of burns, wounds and injuries caused by prolonged pressure. Bioplacenton was very cool when applied to the injured area. Apply this ointments in a thin layer for 4-6 times daily.

2. Maderma
Alternatively you can use Maderma ointments. Maderma is a skin care for scars and colloids. Scar that turned into a colloid usually caused by the incision and injury due to fire. Ideally the scar / colloid has a flat shape and texture tender but sometimes it is also clear and very bad, maderma skin care for scars will help scars appear softer and smooth. You can apply in the scar area for 3-4 times a day.

Traditional Treatments

1. Honey
Besides having delicious taste and many benefits, honey can also be used as a scar removal medicine naturally by applying honey on the scar several times a day.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil is already proved successful in terms of skin care, you can use the oil from olives to remove the scar on your body, by simply applying olive oil on the scar several times a day.

Ok, we have learned about scar removal review by using medical/chemical and traditional medicine. Hopefully you can take advantages by this.