Legionnaires Disease Water Temperature

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Legionnaires disease is very similar to the deadly disease pneumonia, but is caused by different bacteria, newly identified in 1977. Legionnaire's name was given refers to the horrendous case in 1976 at which time the legion of U.S. veterans hold a conference (convention) at a hotel in the city of Philadelphia. Within two days, a total of 221 participants fell ill with symptoms such as pneumonia and 34 people died. Germs sensational newcomer was completed in January 1977 identified and named Legionella bacteria.

Water Temperature

This Legionella bacteria thrives in warm water temperature (35 to 45 degrees Celsius) and in the case of the Legionnaires above, the source of infection from the tank cooling tower (cooling tower) central air conditioning system is five-star hotel. Bacteria that seems steambath and spa enthusiasts, carried by water vapor (mist and vapor) coming from the radiator was spread all over the hotel. And once inhaled through the nose into the lungs, in a short time he will cause pneumonia. Prominent symptom is a high fever (40 degrees Celsius), chills, headache, muscle aches, dry cough and occasionally diarrhea and vomiting, and delirium (mental confusion).

Legionnaires disease can not be transmitted between humans. We contracted the disease when inhaling contaminated water vapor that Legionella bacteria are the source of most other central air conditioning cooling tank, in a heated rotating (whirlpool) spa, hot shower, hot water systems in hospitals and even in the water spray for the windshield wiper (windshield wiper). They are susceptible to disease Legionnaires is primarily smokers, those aged 65 years and over, and people with chronic lung disorders such as emphysema. They are being treated in the hospital due to a decline of the immune system such as cancer, diabetes or kidney failure, and recipient of immunosuppressant drugs (transplant or chemotherapy patients) are very susceptible to the bacteria. Legionnaires disease mortality rate in the hospital even closer to 50 percent.

Indeed Legionalle bacteria can cause two different types of diseases ferocity, that Legionnaire's disease and Pontiac disease. Despite having similar symptoms to the disease Legionnaires such as fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, but there is no disease Pontiac acute lung inflammation (pneumonia). Without treatment this disease Pontiac will heal itself within 2-5 days. Pontiac's disease data in Indonesia has not been recorded, but I pretty much tengarai this case, but because the disease is not 'popular', it has not been diagnosed by doctors. As for the Legionnaires disease, according to epidemiological data in the U.S., affecting an estimated 10,000 to 50,000 people each year with a mortality rate (death) of approximately 30 percent.

Legionnaires Disease Treatments

Legionnaire's disease treatment is with antibiotics levofloxacine (quinolone class) and azithromycine (class of macrolides). Can also be combined with rifampicin to kill the bacteria in the lung tissue. As for the preventive measures (preventive) is done by periodically checking the coolant tank in the central air conditioning major hotels, hot tub (the hot water bath), room air-humidifier (humidifier), indoor fountains (indoor fountain) where lamp lighting (lighting) are submerged in water to a heat source for the development of culturing these bacteria Legionella. Also of no less importance is aware that many dental tool pulled out a spray of water as dental drilling equipment, equipment for removing plaque and tartar.