Autism Awareness Month

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today, on April, we have agenda for Autism Awareness Month. This moments represent the day which support for kids with Autism and parents who raise their awareness to their children. Autism comes from the word autism, which means living in a world of his own. In accordance with the behavior of children with autism who tend preoccupied with his own world, no matter the person or the surrounding environment. Very cool and indifferent though nearby there are things that are very interesting. Is it autism? Autism is a biological disorder or "biological disorder", a developmental disorder due to abnormalities in the nervous system. These abnormalities cause impaired communication, social interaction, and limited activities and interests of the child. Here are some triggers that cause autism in children:
  • The existence of disorder - a specific abnormality in the small. In children with autism are usually found abnormalities in neuroanatomy (anatomical nervous system) and structural abnormalities in the limbic system which is the emotional center in the brain. According to the study of autism is also due to the influence of genetic factors. There are abnormalities of chromosome from the father or the mother, usually on chromosome 7 that contains the FOXP2 gene is defective and suspected as a cause of speech disorders in autism.
  • Poor environment can also be a factor triggering autism, air pollution and water containing toxic chemicals. Research shows 80% of autism in Indonesia have heavy metal poisoning such as mercury, lead, cadmium. These metals are toxic to brain cells.
  • A disturbance during pregnancy can also trigger autism. Usually at age 3 or 4 months in the womb, if there is disruption of central nervous system structures that are also impaired brain function can cause your child is showing symptoms - symptoms of autism from birth. This disorder can be caused by pregnant women mengkonsumai drugs - hard drugs or heavy metal poisoning heavy metal poisoning (mercury), infected with rubella virus, herpes, CMV, toxoplasma, or fungi.
  • Disorders of childbirth can also trigger autism. In the event of trauma that causes the brain child of oxygen deficiency in quantity, the process is difficult and long birth, or infant umbilical cord entangled and choke the waters. While the development of the baby until the age of 3 months of autism could be triggered by a viral infection, fungal, or bacteria that attack the small intestine and brain.
Autism in children varies widely from mild to severe autism, for further treatment required specific diagnosis by the laboratory that included urine, blood, hair, feces, brain waves, and other things related. However, there are some things in the everyday behavior of children who show a difference compared to normal children, as follows:

Normal children communicate in both directions, making eye contact and facial expressions that have to live moment smile, sad, etc.. While autism is a world of its own, it's hard to communicate in both directions. Do not care about others and are rarely willing to eye contact, facial expressions are less alive.

Verbal Ability
Normal children ranging in age from 9 months of starting to talk a little about a lot of words heard, the more vocabulary growth over 2 years old and speak fluently. While children with autism are slow to speak, a little vocabulary, difficult to speak or talk but in a strange gumanan.

Sensory Response
Reasonable response to light, sound and things - other things. Children with autism are usually hypersensitive, afraid of the light and noise or hiposensitif the lack of response to something.

Motor System
Normal child is developing normally, walk normally. While children with autism disorder such as walking on tiptoes, repetitive behaviors such as clapping hands, chest, or banging your head against the wall.

On time
Normal children to know the time, circumstances, can give a reason, normal sleep. While children with autism do not care about time, do not understand the situation, can not give a reason, and having difficulty sleeping disorders.

Normal children can control their emotions, whereas children with autism are usually exaggerated emotions and uncontrollable rage if the desire is not fulfilled.

Autism can be treated with these therapies to help children continue to live independently in the future someday. A wide range of therapies such as speech therapy, behavior therapy, occupational therapy for motor skills, sensory integration therapy, biomedical intervention and diet therapy. Control requires a doctor or an expert in dealing with autism. And last but not least, the patience of parents in educating and guiding the child. So with this Autism Awareness Month, we should broad our vision about autism spectrum. It's so interesting if you buy some Autism Awareness Products like t-shirt or apparel as a symbol of Autism Awareness.