Anthony Davis Teeth

Friday, April 6, 2012

Anthony Davis is an American Basketball player for the University of Kentucky. He played well in the position of power forward and center. What we are talking about in this case is about the Anthony Davis teeth. He has some characteristics in his teeth. In several pictures show us jammed or uneven teeth. We should ask the doctor for this uncommon teeth. Ok, PleaseDoctor tried to answer for this Anthony Davis Teeth case.

Actually, uneven or jam teeth usually occurs because of the size of a small arch while the teeth are large.

Treatment can be done in two ways: first magnify dental arch so the arch can be accommodated. This should be done without tooth extraction.

The second way is to reduce the number of teeth to the jaw to accommodate the other teeth with neatly. This should be done with a tooth extraction. Numbers of teeth will be removed which is adjusted for the needs of the room.

Pictures for Anthony Davis Teeth

That was the news today for Anthony Davis Teeth and the medical solution for this jammed or uneven teeth case. See another related medical news for Autism Awareness Month and Cheney Heart Transplant in the previous posting.