Schizandra Berry Benefits

Monday, April 9, 2012

Schizandra Berry or Magnolia Vinea (Schizandra Chinensis) are generally planted in the garden. This plant thrives in almost any soil, but the best place to grow and develop is in the shade and protected place. Schizandra Berry found in China. It is not certain and possible spread of cultivation in Indonesia. But certainly this plant is beneficial to health.

In the ancient book of Chinese herbs, Sheng Nun Pen Tsao Ching, noted that the Schizandra Berry is a "top" herbs commonly used to treat various diseases - primarily as a reinforcement of liver and lung cleanser. Besides that, it is used also for cases of physical exhaustion and insomnia.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Schizandra Berry is also known as Wu Wei Zi (5 herbal flavors). Schizandra Berry fruit does have 5 flavors, sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter. While in the Western world commonly known as Magnolia Vine.

The active ingredients found in Schizandra fruit are:
  • Acid
  • Glutathione (English: glutathione, GSH) is a gamma-shaped intracellular tripeptida Levo--L-sisteinil glutamil-glycine, with a variety of uses, among others, detoxification, antioxidants, conservation status and modulation of cell proliferation.
  • Lignans (consisting of Schizandrin, Deoxyschisandrin, Gomisin, Pregomisin) 19% by weight of fruit consisting of Schizandra lignans, which is contained in the seeds. Schizandra fruit contains 30 kinds of lignans. Sometimes described as a phytoestrogen lignans are able to protect liver function and and regenerating liver cells that had damaged.
  • Fitosterol.
  • Vitamin C and E.
Schizandra Berry Benefits

  • Schizandra berry acts as a body main body cleaner (detoxification). Researchers in China believe that Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi) is able to detoxify the body, get rid of parasites and increase energy supply to vital organs.
  • Schizandra also have properties suppress the side effects of chemotherapy and treatment with radiation (radiation).
  • Content of the active ingredient Lignans role in Schizandra will protect the liver by stimulating the body's cells to produce antioxidants.
  • As an adaptogen Schizandra helps ward disease and help the body adapt to stress, both stress the mind, physical stress and stress due to chemicals.
  • Schizandra is a tonic that will be able to restore the vitality that had declined. Schizandra berry is able to increase the body's energy levels.
That was the Schizandra Berry benefits and side effects for the health. See also related medical info for Safflower Oil Supplements and Raspberry Ketone Benefits in previous posts.

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