After Birth Abortion

Saturday, April 7, 2012

One of researchers at Oxford University, Francesca Minerva, issued a controversial statement. According to Minerva, the doctor should have the authority to kill babies born with disabilities or we know as an "After Birth Abortion". The reason, because the baby is not yet a 'real person'.

Philosopher and medical ethicist argues, killing the newborn baby is a little different action to abort the fetus when still in the womb. In fact, according to the active woman who wrote in the Journal of Medicine, a healthy baby even once, can end his life when his mother decided that she was incapable of caring for her baby and pay for it. It is quoted by the Daily Mail, Friday (02/03/2012).

Minerva's controversial opinion expressed in the article entitled "After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?" written with bioteknisis from the University of Milan, Alberto Giubilini. Both argued, 'after birth abortion' should be allowed in all cases of abortion.

They state, as well as fetal, newborn babies do not develop expectations, goals, and different dreams. While the whole person, is someone with a moral right to life. On the other hand, they said, parents, siblings, and the public, has goals and plans that may be affected by birth defects. And should be, they are higher priority interest.

The article stated that, although a child is born with disabilities may be happy, he still will not reach optimal potential when compared with children born to normal.

Not only that, ethicist also supports the 'murder' healthy babies unwanted by his mother, the mother or when the environment changes, for example, he no longer has the time, energy, and resources to raise his son. They argued, the choice of adoption can cause undue stress on the mother.

Minerva statement conveyed through articles published British Medical Journal. Managers defend the scientific journal article Minerva on the grounds of the roles of the journal is to publish a variety of logical argument, rather than promote moral values.

However, the article has angered ethics experts, peers, and activists. They described the legality to kill the baby as a 'cold-blooded decision' and 'an inhumane defense for the murder of a child'.

Trevor Stammers, a lecturer and former head of medical ethics at the Christian Medical Fellowship describes this view as 'horrible'.

Gill Duval of the Prolife Alliance asserted, every life is precious. "All the talk about what women want, but a woman would not want this," he said.

All Party Parliamentary Group head on Pro-Life, Lord Alton said the views of Minerva is something disturbing, very surprising, given that opinion comes from someone who engaged in the medical profession.

"We can see how professional trust as a medical worker who upholds the sanctity of human life turned into a defense of the poor and inhumane in the child's disability," Alton said firmly.

Meanwhile, Julian Savulescu, editor of the journal that contains the work of the controversial claim, before Minerva, the actual arguments have been advanced by many famous figures.

That was the controversial issues today related to After Birth Abortion. We hope the case of abortion, especially for the youth will decrease in time. See another related topic on medical news for Anthony Davis Teeth and Cheney Heart Transplant in the previous posting.